In the shop you will find everything you need for your hobby:

Tools in different price-ranges and quality. From concave cutter to trunk splitter. Also the very special tools, knifes, gouges etc.

Fertilizers like Bio Gold, liquid fertilizers and special composed and singular fertilizers. Also plant enhancers like Super Thrive, Terra Fertiel (soil improver) and leaf fertilizer are available. Advise is gladly given, we love your tree!

Soil is a much discussed part of our hobby. With some advise and discussing the circumstances you will always end up with the (for you) best type of soil: akadama in various granule sizes, kiryu, potting soil, bims, kanuma for azalea, keto (special sticky, clayish soil for rock plantings) etc. are always in stock.

Wire in various packaging units of both alluminium and excellent annealed copper wire, all diameters in stock.

Pesticides: for all common pests and diseases are goods available, we like to think along with you, the best way to do that is to take your "patient" with you. If you pay the advice, you will get the pesticide for free!

Pots: Deshima is known by their big collection of handmade, unique pots. Let your Bonsai choose a new pot for him! Besides European handmade pots, we also have many Chinese and Japanese pots. Also unique is the purchasing- and sales service of second-hand pots.

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