Do you want to be supported one-time only when working on a bonsai or raw material? Or are you in need of knowledge, insight, and/or skills concerning a specific subject? Then is a workshop a good way to achieve that. The prices are, individual or with an own group: €200,00 per daily period. Practice and purposeful are the key words!

If you book an existing workshop from our program, then the prices are: €30,00 per daily period. All above mentioned workshops are given at Bonsai Studio Deshima. You can easily ask us about the program, in the agenda you can book directly.

For associations, clubs and other groups, Teunis Jan Klein also provides workshops customized and/or on location, feel free to ask for information and a quotation.

Do you need to organize a company outing, family day or teambuilding activity? Bonsai Studio Deshima also organizes special workshops for groups. An introduction and acquaintance with bonsai is a regular part of course, besides that you can work on a nice bonsai that you can take home as a keepsake. In our studio and garden you will find a good atmosphere to do something active and creative together.

If you want to make the group process more special, then ask for our teambuilding workshop. Hereby, the group will make, after everyone has styled their own bonsai, a beautiful forest planting together. A great, collective activity with a beautiful keepsake! It is always possible to combine it with a coffee table, lunch or dinner. Feel free to ask for information and a quotation.

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